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A staffer will be in contact with you, at the email address you provided when you completed the form. They'll send you an email, and from there, we can get the conversation going.

If something messed up, and you don't hear from us, or you just are all excited to move forward, feel free to contact us at

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Not a problem, we're happy to help out. You can use the list below to explore other pages in the site that might contain what you're looking for. Either way, we'll be in contact with you soon.

Still need to talk to someone? No problem. Use our appointment scheduler to set up a time to meet - on Skype, or whatever matches your chat preferences.

Incubator Applications

You have to apply through the Bootcamp to join the Incubator, so don't worry, there's no special process just yet. Just as with the general application, when we talk to you, you can bring up anything you'd like to know, and let us know about your interest in the Incubator at the same time. Good luck!

Useful Links

It really helps to use the site to ensure that you've got a solid understanding of what Ruby on the Beach is all about. The data pages in particular have more detailed information. For those who want a quick review, or feel they missed something, here are the pages that hold the answers to most questions:

Schedules:General Information Page
The Bootcamp:Bootcamp Data Page
The Incubator:Incubator Data Page
Pricing:Pricing Data Page
Curriculum:Curriculum Data Page
Travelling:Travel Data Page

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