The Bootcamp

Experiential Learning That Challenges Bootcamp Assumptions.



The Bootcamp is our foundational program, that sets the tone for everything we do. What we think is important about learning effectively is built into our Bootcamp: Our priorities are optimal class sizes, ideal instructor ratios, and to ensure that every instructor brings the depth of experience and enthusiasm that supercharges the learning process. 

Our goals for outcomes are similarly focused: zero attrition, great skillsets, and the flexibility to deal with the diversity of objectives that reflect what smart, ambitious and adventurous people want in a bootcamp.

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Participant Profile

The Bootcamp is geared to deal with participants of minimal to no experience in coding, and take them as far as possible in nine weeks. We attract – and only accept – participants who bring breadth of interests and experience, intelligence and open attitudes, and great goals. 

Because our Bootcamp is the basis for our Incubator program, we tend to skew to people with entrepreneurial ideas. But whoever you are, we see what we do as a source of great potential good, so we especially like folks with ideas about how to use code for good, and not evil… ;)

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How You Learn

Curriculum + Resources + Environment + Downtime



At the core of the Bootcamp is our curriculum that reflects 25 years of tech education design and delivery. A great deal of that comes from Dan (above), the founder of Ruby on the Beach, who first started teaching tech to neophytes in the 1990's.

Our bespoke curriculum, which is constantly being revised to reflect current best-practices, brings together that knowledge and experience. Tightly integrated, you'll know how you're doing, and what your skill strengths and weaknesses are on the basis of continuous feedback.

Learning Resources

Just as important as curriculum are the human resources you have access to - and how many other people are competing for the same resources. With three instructors engaged full-time for a class of no more than 12, you have the highest access of any bootcamp, anywhere. 

Beyond that, our instructors play specific roles in your learning, a system unique to RotB that allocates help flexibly and responsively. Classes maintain momentum, while each participant gets the support they need, when they need it.


Bootcamp is a marathon, not a sprint, and creating an environment that keeps you running every day matters more and more as the weeks of your learning experience continue. 

So imagine a spacious villa, in a gorgeous tropical setting, with terraces and patios, a pool and comfortable seating in inside and outside areas: Break-out groups, presentations, solo study and hackathons, all easily accommodated. That's where you'll learn.

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Downtime is crucial to learning. Our focus on downtime is really about what educators have always known: that learning in a focused, intense way benefits hugely from time to absorb and assimilate what you've learned. 

And all this happens in Bali, a place with limitless options to explore and with new experiences always waiting, close enough that you can seamlessly integrate them with your learning experience.

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The Goal Is Transformation.

What You Build Is Up To You.


Transformation Awaits

No matter what you do, code is transforming the world. There are 4 billion people in this world that have no real connectivity – what does it mean to bring them into the digital fold? 

Questions like that fascinate us at Ruby on the Beach. What we want to know, is how you want to manifest that transformation. Your challenge is to be part of how code is changing the world. We get you started.


Looking for a bootcamp experience that differentiates you from all the other bootcamp graduates out there?

You'll want to know that our bootcamp has the flexibility to customize the experience to your goals. We do this through the great instructor ratios and low-stress learning we offer - but also by seeking participants who challenge us. If this sounds like what you're looking for, let's talk.


Let's get it out there: $9000 USD. 

That's a lot less that most bootcamps. But even that's not the whole story: travel discounts; included accommodation; and low cost of living. All at the highest standard for class size and instructor ratios. Not just a lower sticker price, but a higher value. 

Plus, something not offered elsewhere: the experience of a lifetime.

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Application Process

For both the Incubator and Bootcamp, the Bootcamp is the entry point program, and all participants must apply through that program. 

For the Incubator, a number of extra requirements related to business plan, experience and an overall assessment of abilities will be taken into account.