The Incubator

Build The App That Your Startup Builds On.



Our program is for non-tech founders running very early stage startups. When capital is short, bringing coding capacity onboard is an equity cost that we help you avoid.

Equity surrender to a technologist also means surrendering control of the software development process. Instead, The Incubator builds and focuses the skills you learn in the Bootcamp , to help you build and retain control. The Incubator keeps you in charge of your early-stage startup.

Equity & Capital

Ongoing software development costs rise quickly, especially for non-tech founders who lack the understanding and control to direct software development.

The Incubator provides you with a team with deep skills, for a fee that caps costs at a small fraction of the market price for equivalent MVP development. When your startup gains traction, we take a minority equity share – and return your Program fees. 

What We Provide

Non-tech Founders who attempt to write their own apps alone usually fail. Our combined Bootcamp and Incubator programs provide great skills,  environment, and most importantly a great coding team. 

Don't expect to become a lead developer – that's not the goal. Instead, you'll learn techniques that yield non-tech founders control, a better app, and a better startup.

Your MVP reflects the goals, business nuances and broad objectives you bring to your startup – but only when you're meaningfully involved and in control of its creation. 

Participant Profile

We're an alternate/complement to Angel Investment. Because our end goal is to become an equity partner in your startup, we have the expectations of an investor. 

To start with, you have to have significant experience as a founder/entrepreneur. Second, you must have a well thought through business plan for an idea that has real potential. Third, acquiring tech skills to realize your startup has to be a real obstacle, and necessary to your success. 

Match those criteria? We should be talking.

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What To Expect of What You'll Build


The MVP Process

Achievability drives what you'll build during the Incubator program. The MVP process is about hitting milestones on the way to creating the app that can engage investors and partners to take your startup seriously. 

We work with you to set realistic goals and milestones for the period of the Incubator. You, your team, and RotB work to accelerate and maximize the software development process for your MVP.

Larger Objectives

Our Incubator participants have diverse business skills to guide the development of their startups. Building an MVP with a team aligned to your goals during the Incubator expands that skillset. 

Your tech understanding and direction is enabled through MVP development. Software, like your own business skills and experience, is never complete. The Incubator is the starter kit that brings you into the tech development world.

Your MVP Team

It's good to be realistic: If you think a bootcamp alone will let you build an app based business, you'll likely be disappointed. What our Bootcamp will do is prepare you for working with, understanding and directing the team the Incubator provides you.

Real-world software projects involve a broad spectrum of skills that no bootcamp can or will provide. That's why our Incubator provides your startup a multi-person team to complement your bootcamp skills. Senior and intermediate level developers, on-site, attached to your project, code alongside you to realize your vision. 

Your Extended Team

When non-tech founders bring coding capability onboard at an early stage, it's usually in the form of a single tech lead or partner. When your tech direction depends on just one person – who may also now be your startup partner – your project risks tunnel vision.

Hiring coding talent without the tech understanding to participate in development can put you, as Founder, on the sidelines.  The Incubator gets you in the game. Besides your coding team, you'll also work on your MVP with experts in UI/UX, Identity design and HCD. We can even engage specialists in areas like Fintech, Blockchain and Security as consultants.

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Joining the Incubator

Process and Price.


Application Process

For both the Incubator and Bootcamp, the Bootcamp is the entry point program, and all participants must apply through that program. 

For the Incubator, a number of extra requirements related to business plan, experience and an overall assessment of abilities will be taken into account.

Incubator Cost

The Incubator extends our Bootcamp by around eight weeks. The cost is the same as the Bootcamp: $9000 USD, for those accepted into the program. 

And if your app meets our KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) post-program, we'll refund your program fees and take junior equity in your startup.