Bootcamp in Bali

License to Chill

Find out why learning to code in paradise makes perfect sense


Learn to Code in Bali

Bali is a small and culturally intense island with a long history of making visitors welcome. Today, it's home to one of the world's most vibrant digital nomad scenes. Every day our participants spend is an enriching experience where technological discovery sits side by side with incredible culinary, recreational, cultural and personal experiences.

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The Advantages

Understanding our philosophy  explains why it matters that we're in Bali. It supports our core values - creating the optimal environment for learning, and building in the time where you assimilate intense learning experiences. Bali gives us greater flexibility than any stateside bootcamp has, with smaller classes and more instructors per participant.

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Work + Well-Being

You Learn Better When Things Are Awesome.


Living In Bali

You'll be living in Bali for the approximately two months for our bootcamp, or 4 for our Incubator program. It's an exhilarating experience, with endless cultural richness surrounding you. 

There's a great food culture. Recreation runs the gamut from Volcano climbs to biking to surfing to yoga to just lazing on beautiful beaches: and everywhere, the friendly and welcoming Balinese people.

Cost of Living

One of the best ways to end a coding day is to get a bowl of bakso, a cob of corn and a couple of beers, and watch surfers take on the waves. Cost? about $4 USD, the amazing sunsets are free.

Taking extended time to learn and transform works thanks to the low cost - and high quality - of living in Bali. Our low cost of transportation, accommodation, food and entertainment is the key.


Where will you live while you attend bootcamp? Our programs include accommodation. 

How much time will you spend dragging yourself across town and back to attend your bootcamp? Ruby on the Beach accommodation cuts your commute to nearly nothing - because time is even more valuable than money. 


"Bootcamp" can get skewed to mean long hours and no free time, pushing you past the breaking point. That actually hurts your ability to learn and assimilate new skills.

We build-in the time to chill, because it's indispensable to really learning. We know, and we have the experience that shows downtime is key to being a better coder. 

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Dive In

Ruby on the Beach is an immersive experience.
Just like learning a language, being fully involved is why it works so well.


Getting To Bali

"But what about the long flight?" We see the 30 hours spent flying here – those are US flight times – as getting all your commuting done before you arrive.

Denpasar, Bali has a major international airport, and direct flights originate from cities all over the world. And once you're here, there's time to explore the region.

Travel Discounts

No one likes to pay big airline fees, so we discount most airfares incurred getting here. Typically, that's 75% of the economy return fare from your originating city.

Your actual travel costs are probably more than offset by the other savings we offer. We think travel costs shouldn't get in the way of your experience of a lifetime.