Price and Schedule

Low Cost, High Value


OK, How Much, Really?

Bootcamp: $9000 US. Comparable bootcamps have sticker prices almost twice that. 

And quite beyond sticker price, with housing and travel subsidies (as well as introductory discounts), your end-to-end costs will be lower with Ruby on the Beach.

Our Added Value

Bootcamps aren't all created equal. We like to think that their goals are our starting points.

The highest standards for class sizes and instructor ratios makes our Bootcamp more customizable - ready to deliver an experience more attuned to your needs. 

Incubator Value

Incubator: $9000 US. Our goal is to cap development costs for your MVP that commonly reach $50-75k for comparable scope.

And even better: if the startup you work on with the team we supply gets traction, we'll refund your fees.


New Bootcamps come up roughly every 5 months. Both Bootcamp and Incubator run around 8 weeks, with a week break between them.

The acceptance process for the Bootcamp is generally 4 weeks – the Incubator more. Next program: January 2018.

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Program and Course Scheduling

How to understand the process and timing of our courses


Program Scheduling

Our programs run roughly every 5 months, in pairs of a Bootcamp followed by an Incubator. Sometimes this cycle is a little longer, occasionally shorter. 

When applying, you can provide a schedule window to commit to attending the programs you're applying for. When cohorts meet minimum enrollment, scheduling is finalized.

Course Scheduling

Bootcamps and Incubators each run for 8 weeks. The first 4 Bootcamp weeks, you work on structured curriculum; A typical day will entail 4 exercises from the curriculum. The rest of the Bootcamp is project focused. The 8 weeks of the Incubator are completely focused on the participant's startup app, with schedules organized by each startup team.

Course Breaks

Our programs and courses are designed to accommodate the schedules of people with demands in their lives. Both the Bootcamp and the Incubator run on manageable hours that allow participants to maintain contact with businesses and family. 

This means 5-day weeks, and hours limited to 8-9 hours. It also means one-week midpoint breaks in both programs, and a one week break separating the Bootcamp from the Incubator. This is time that you can travel, catch up, or just enjoy where you are.

Application Process

For both the Incubator and Bootcamp, the Bootcamp is the entry point program, and all participants must apply through that program. 

For the Incubator, a number of extra requirements related to business plan, experience and an overall assessment of abilities will be taken into account.

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Understanding Our Pricing

Value delivered, travel discounts and included stuff.


Bootcamp Value

Bootcamps aren't cheap. But Ruby on the Beach has a sticker price 65% or less than bootcamps with larger classes, fewer instructors per participant - and fewer experienced instructors than we provide. 

Beyond price, our focus is on value; and that's what we deliver.

Incubator Cost

The Incubator extends our Bootcamp by around eight weeks. The cost is the same as the Bootcamp: $9000 USD, for those accepted into the program. 

And if your app meets our KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) post-program, we'll refund your program fees and take junior equity in your startup.

Beyond the Sticker

The sticker price is only part of the story. Participants in our Bootcamp have the option of supplied accommodation, or a stipend to support their own choice of housing. Travel costs may be partially subsidized, based on the distance from your origin point to our bootcamp. 

But that's only part of the story; cost of living savings and minimal commuting costs in money and time mean that Ruby on the Beach is a far better value than the other options.

Extra Costs

Generally, extra costs for Ruby on the Beach are minimal, thanks to the amazing quality of life and low living costs in our locations. Beyond the housing we supply, there will be things like food, transportation and independent travel. You'll be glad to know that these costs are generally low in Bali. 

Besides that, medical and other insurance costs, and supplying your own computer to an acceptable technical standard are common to other bootcamps.