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The Bootcamp

Our Bootcamp is our continually improving core course. This eight-week program provides a solid grounding in three main areas: code management basics, code theory and practice, and project-based coding focused on real-world projects. 

It's the prerequisite for our Incubator program, and a life transforming experience all on its own.

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The Incubator

We want entrepreneurs with experience and exits – but who lack tech skills – to be able to build tech businesses. The Incubator does exactly that. And lets you retain control and equity while doing so.

Alongside the extended team provided, that you direct to build your MVP, you'll lay down the digital foundations of your next startup.

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Our committment is to support your individual goals through learning and building activities that start with ideal sized classes, great instructor ratios, and a great learning experience.

We always say that bootcamp is a group, not a solo activity. You need to commit the time, energy and focus to working with other participants, in pairs and in groups, on projects, exercises and social activities. 


Truly understanding and mastering any skill combines focused study, and skills assimilation. We discourage long hours and stressful environments that don't help, and usually hurt, your learning process. 

Everything about Ruby on the Beach - starting with our location and learning environment - is designed to support that philosophy.

The Bootcamp

The grounding that everything builds from


Core Strengthening

Our Bootcamp leads you through around 100 interlocking, instructor-led exercises; one instructor for each 4 participants; and an environment that supports your learning experience. Our curriculum builds progressively from editor basics to complex, API-driven projects. 

Some of our Bootcamp participants have coded, but that's not a requirement. The 12 participants in each cohort go further and faster, building the skills and confidence to approach a broad range of coding challenges.

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Project Focused

We do everything we can to build skills for the real-world challenges coding presents. So the second half of our bootcamp is entirely project focused. 

There are no superficial rewards from set-piece projects that you might have encountered learning online. Starting from challenging design briefs, there's plenty of room to customize the learning experience. And with one instructor per four-person team, project-focused learning is supported at the highest level.

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The Incubator

A powerful alternative to Angel investment.


Program Goals

Lacking core technical skills? Get ready to surrender control, capital or equity to a tech partner: maybe all three. 

We're changing that. The Incubator is specifically designed to support experienced non-tech founders building tech startups.

Our Incubator's unique business goal is to let seasoned entrepreneurs with early-stage startups build digital prototypes and MVPs, while retaining control of the process, and their equity. 

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MVP Focused

The MVP is the indispensible key to early stage startups. And it's the hardest thing for non-tech founders to manage and build successfully.

Our Incubator is designed entirely around addressing the typical non-tech founder's technical shortcomings. You take the skills you've built during your Bootcamp experience, and apply them directly to directing and working with a highly skilled and diverse team, to create the MVP that can launch your business.