about ruby on the beach



Think the bootcamp is something new? Our team has been building effective, ground-breaking tech education experiences since the late 1990's.

So we've seen, and learned a few things about how people learn. We politely disagree with other bootcamps that grinding hours and brutal deadlines make anyone a better coder. What percentage of the things you crammed for in college do you remember today?

That's part of why we've offered our courses in amazing locations. The places we go are chosen very carefully to contribute to your learning experience. So if you think this is a bootcamp program to party, think again. With Ruby on the Beach, you'll do amazing things, like climb a volcano at dawn, and visit secret beaches only locals know. But what you're here for is to learn, and to learn with others. 

We go where we go, so we can control the distractions, build a sense of well-being and keep you focused on what should be the most important thing while you're with us: becoming a better coder.

Our instructors have time to spend explanining things: in fact we have about twice as many instructors per student as other bootcamps, present and in the classroom at all times. You'll never find yourself waiting for the instructor to finish talking to the class before you get help; we make sure that senior instructors are always there to assist. It also means that there's always a second opinion on how to attack a code problem – you'll learn more when you understand that coding is creative, and the multiple perspectives you get with us are the best way to see how.

And you won't be left alone with assignments that you realize you're stuck on in the middle of the night, the day before presentations; your work is almost always done in teams, and the hours are never crazy. Of all the things that this bootcamp will teach you, bad working habits isn't on the list.


Why Bali?

The minute our participants get off the plane, meet the amazing group that they'll live with, learn from and build lifelong friendships with, is the last minute that question ever crosses their minds. 

Does it make sense to fly this distance? We look at it this way: that flight doesn't even come close to the time you'll waste in traffic, parking, being frustrated an not learning that the typical bootcamp in the North America imposes. 

In Bali, we can provide the ideal working environment, one that you'll be aching to get to – and one that you'll think about for the rest of your life. You'll be in the best circumstances for collaboration and learning from each other, with great access to bandwith, nearby co-working spaces, a highly active digital nomad culture – in short, the best conditions for learning you could hope for. And the economics of Bali mean we can offer all this for less than a bootcamp that puts you in a crowded, monotonous box for weeks.




We've been running our bootcamp since the mid 2010's – first as a mobile event, focused on digital nomads, and later in fixed locations – in Ecuador, Las Canarias, Bali and Thailand. Our participants have come from about a dozen countries and four continents.

Prior to founding Ruby on the Beach, founder Daniel Donaldson built, created curriculum and was lead instructor for multiple bootcamps, and tech education courses at the college level. Ruby on the Beach was founded in response to what we'd learned in those situations. We saw that existing bootcamps simply cost too much to run to allow the standards that ensured student success. RotB was our response – the world's first destination bootcamp – and we've proved you can provide a higher quality experience, at the same or lower cost. That makes Ruby on the Beach a place where everyone from career-switchers, to entrepreneurs, to people looking to expand their skillsets, can build a course that meets their needs.