about ruby on the beach


how we came to teach in faraway places

We’ve been, as individuals, involved in tech education going back more than two decades.  It wasn’t until 2014, after writing the curriculum for another bootcamp remotely, on the island of Gran Canaria in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, that the magical combination of tech education and amazing destinations came together.

The fact is, that it was only at that moment in time, when the need for technology training became a widely acknowledged reality that what was needed to make that dream of a remote getaway bootcamp could be considered.

The main factor, of course, is bandwidth. Although we live in a world where fully half the population has no internet access at all, by the mid 2010's the spread of tourism directly corresponded to the spread of broadband.



We ran our first bootcamps in Ecuador, in a ramshackle surf hotel with the Pacific Ocean tickling our participants’ toes. After that it was Bali, and more recently we’ve been in Thailand. With every new location, we see the phenomenon of global connectivity spread.

And that’s one of the reasons we continue to go to some would say exotic locations – we prefer to call them places on a data frontier where the best of the disconnected world, and the best of the connected world magically collide.

diversion Vs Distraction

There are very few things that you’ll do in your life that are like a bootcamp. The intensity of the learning, the utter immersion in real focused learning for so long. College isn’t like this. Neither is high school, although both of them are learning experiences (or not).

To open your mind up, to be focused on taking so much in over an extended time requires that you detach from habits, and start on a new page. And in our opinion, nothing does that better than a new environment.

But not just any environment. The places we look for combine what we identify as diversion without distraction. Distraction is when your mind goes away, and doesn’t intend to come back to the task at hand. Diversion is your mind stepping out to smell a few flowers and feel the breeze, so it’s ready to go back, fresh and primed.

The number one enemy of the bootcamper, in our experience at places not so concerned with the learning environment as we are, is burnout. Courses taught in such a way that a combination of isolation, competitiveness and compulsion drives everyone to overwork, to where distraction wins over diversion.

Although we get asked about our holiday camp, we brush it off. We know how and why it works to remove yourself from your everyday world. We know that the sense of being there for this is an incredibly powerful feeling. It is a bit like college in this way; if you can still remember the feeling you had the first time you walked across the campus, with your hometown behind you, and a new adventure ahead – that’s the supercharged feeling that attending one of our bootcamps in Bali, Thailand, or Ecuador brings. Everyday you’re here.

We hope you’ll join us!