Q: How much are your courses?

A: With the advent of our Cloud Camp and by-the-hour pricing, the best way to explain cost is this: you can be fairly sure that your total cost for the Cloud Camp and Bootcamp sections together, will be between $8000 and $9500. As we explain here, you pay for exactly what hours you work with your instructors during the initial instruction phase.

The Bootcamp phase has a base price of $4000. In that section, as in the Cloud Camp, you are likely to add hours of instructor time, as a simple matter of customizing the course to your needs and interests. When you compare the high end of our course to the price tags on comparable bootcamps, you can see that even a substantial increase in instructor contact time wouldn’t bring our price up to the same level.

Q: I'm coming from __________. Do you offer travel discounts?

A: We don’t offer travel discounts any longer. Keep in mind when factoring in travel costs that even with standard economy flights booked to our usual destinations in South East Asia and Latin America, the total cost of our program is still well below other comparable bootcamps. 

Q: do you offer accommodations?

A: Yes! If you choose that option, we will find you a place to stay during the duration of the course. Cost will reflect what you're looking for.

Q: can I bring my partner | family | friend to ruby on the beach?

A:  Of course! We love it when people share an awesome once-in-a-lifetime experience with the people they love! (Did we mention that one of our participants named her first baby Ruby, after our course?)

 We can help find accommodation suited to your needs if you do.

People not taking the course can't attend at the school during class time, but there are many social and recreation events that they're welcome to be part of.

Q: What's the curriculum of your course(s)?

A: That can change, as we refine our courses. Our current Ruby-based course covers the following:

  1. work with and understand developer tools

  2. work with online IDEs – specifically Cloud 9

  3. computer science fundamentals

  4. create backends

  5. consume and create APIs

  6. create programmatic front ends

  7. work with sql and non sql datastores, including remote stores

  8. write tests and code to pass tests (TDD)

  9. work in an Agile environment

Of course, that’s very top-level. Contact us and we’ll supply you with our current, more detailed curriculum. All of these are much in demand skills that are key to entry level employment. They also stand people looking to include coding services in their design and entrepreneurial businesses in good stead.

We currently run our Ruby and Rails curriculum as we roll out the Cloud Camp/Bootcamp combination. We plan to expand that to our Javascript-based curriculum over time.

why do You use cloud based tools?

During the Cloud Camp section, using Amazon Cloud 9 lets us be sure that you can collaborate in real time with instructors, and have all the tools that you need, immediately, to start working. It’s just a fabulous tool for what we do.

Once you get to the bootcamp, you’ll continue to use Cloud 9. It still makes collaboration easier, allowing all students to work, with their mentors, in a fluid, collaborative way.

Of course, there’s another advantage: after you graduate, if you work with your fellow bootcampers, or if you’re hustling for work, you’ll be fully up to speed in a great environment for remote work. And when you decide to graduate to desktop tools like Terminal and text editors, there won’t be much of a transition.

Q: Will you find me a job?

A: We may be able to help, with a personalized program to connect students with recruiters and with job offers. No past student who sought programming work after our course failed to find a job within a few months or weeks. Talk to us in the interview process and we'll tell you more.

Q: you suggest that you're focused on entrepreneurs. How?

A: We've seen many entrepreneurs come through our courses, and we know that not everyone is using our course to get an entry level job. While we can't help you build your dream app, we do give you the flexibility to shape the course to meet your specific needs. If this sounds like you, we can talk about it in the interview process. Learn more on the Entrepreneur's Page.

More questions?