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class size and instructor ratios

Bootcamps are intense learning experiences. You can fail. You can fall behind. You can burn out. It happens all the time. When bootcamps tell you their success rates, they aren't telling you based on how many students entered the course, but how many finished. 

So you'll understand why we put the highest priority on making sure our participants are as well supported, given goals that are ambitious – and given the tools and the support to achieve them. Anything else would be selling you short.

That's why we have a very specific class size that we never exceed: just 12 people. It provides the best group dynamics, because you can both meet and get to know everyone quickly, and it's big enough that a wide range of skills and experience and diversity is represented. 

And 12 is magic: we can pair you; build teams of 3, or of four, or of six: all classic ways to learn to work with others. See, it turns out that knowing how to code is just half the story. Knowing how to work in teams, take on roles, collaborate on designs, do individual and team research, and do code reviews is just as important to your future in coding. 

But the story doesn't end there. Any good educator will tell you that maybe the primary factor for success in a class environment is availability of instructors, when they're needed. If you and a dozen others are fighting for the attention of someone whose responsibility is to teach x units of material a day, your experience, and your learning will suffer.

That's why the best instructor ratios – by a wide factor – in  the bootcamp sector are found at Ruby on the Beach. At least one instructor for every four students. Because we know that the best way to handle getting lost, falling behind, or just getting stuck with a bug that you can't squish, is to make sure it doesn't happen to begin with. At Ruby on the Beach, you know that there's someone there, now, who's got your back. 


The lowdown

  • Class sizes: the best of any bootcamp, anywhere

    • Class size is a key metric for effective learning

  • Instructor ratio: just 4 student per instructor

    • Best of any bootcamp anywhere

    • instructors are always there to support you: no waiting with your hand up.


our whole goal was to maximize value

unbeatable value

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We changed the economics of bootcamps

Bootcamps have never been cheap. It has been, and it is, a major decision for many participants to invest in what bootcamps promise, both in money and time. We get that, and our original quest to change the bootcamp was all about overcoming the bad economics that lead to overcrowded classes of 20 and more people, and time lost because there aren't  enough to keep you moving.

Our amazing locations give us a huge financial edge on standard bootcamps, and translate to a lower-cost full-package experience for you. Even when you take into account the typical cost of travel, our flexible pricing system means that you'll end up paying less than any bootcamp of close to similar quality. And we'll be glad to show you how.

But, you ask, if it means I have to travel that far to the bootcamp in the first place, doesn't that lost time undo the benefits? In fact, when you take into account the commute time that most students undertake in typical US bootcamps – time you won't spend when you're with us – and compare that to the flight here, the comparison isn't even close. A better quality of both bootcamp and life, no traffic to be stuck in, and the experience of a lifetime is what we're talking about.

Want to know more? Just register to speak to a Ruby on the Beach rep. We'll talk price and value with you during the interview. We don't think that after that, price will be an issue anymore.


what's the point of a bootcamp that doesn't do what you need it to?

what matters to you, matters to us

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Write your own adventure

People attend bootcamps for many reasons. To create a new career, even a new life for themselves. To expand the possibilities in the business they already run. Because they're entrepreneurs, and they know code is key to building businesses in an app-dependent world. 

We understand that. And we've made our courses flexible; our small classes and high instructor ratios translate directly to more time spent exploring new ideas, getting guidance on your goals from seasoned coders, and more time building projects with real-world application; not lame bootcamp portfolio pieces. At Ruby on the Beach, you can wander as far from the assignment as you need, to maximize your benefit. Our job is to help you realize your ambitions, not fit them into a one-size-fits-all model.

When we interview you, we'll want to hear about who you are, what you think you can do, what you've done – all part of building the bootcamp experience that you want, and that you deserve.