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welcome to ruby on the beach

Our tech bootcamp is no cookie cutter experience. Our default position is that you're here to transform your life. Everything we focus on contributes to learning more, as part of a meaningful, richer experience.  And that's why Ruby on the Beach is a life-changing, not just a career-changing event.

To make that happen, we offer smaller classes than other bootcamps; more and better qualified instructors per student; and the right combination of intensity and a super chill environment customized to promote learning and eliminate burnout. And it happens in gorgeous well appointed villas in some of the world's nicest places including Costa Rica, and Bali, Indonesia, our current program location. 

Our bootcamp is not for everyone. We only host ambitious, intelligent people looking for more than a cubicle job. Our participants reach their goals, because they're smart and capable, and so are we. The participant we accept brings experience, smarts and ambition into the group. If you can show us that that's you, we want to know about you.

Ruby on the Beach believes in, and practices gender equity in its admissions and teaching policies.


 chilling in the Balinese jungle between intensive sessions is part of the deal.

chilling in the Balinese jungle between intensive sessions is part of the deal.


What makes us different

small classes, great instructor ratios

The metrics around class size and instructor ratio are crucial to positive learning outcomes. Our metrics are the best in the bootcamp sector, period.


lower cost, no compromise

Bootcamps, like everything in life, aren't about cost. They're about value. And what's at the heart of value is uncompromising quality. We promise you that not only will Ruby on the Beach be less expensive than other options, it'll deliver much, much more.


customizable curriculum

Looking for a place in a cubicle as a junior developer? We've got you so covered. Looking to go far beyond, to build your own dreams, and not just somebody else's? Yep, we do that too.

Ruby on the Beach changed my life
— Colyn, (now coding in a Singapore Fintech startup)
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